A strategic plan is your way of showing your organization the steps necessary to reach its goals. Often, this process includes both an inward analysis of the business and an outward analysis of its customers and competitors. Questions need to be asked:

    • “What goals will my business naturally achieve if we operate as we always have?”
    • “Which of my markets will offer upside potential? Which will bring risks?”
    • “How can we shift our focus so that the business outperforms its current trajectory?”

ITR Economics helps shape these strategic plans through accurate sales and industry forecasting as well as expert advice from our business-minded economists.

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Seeing what you will accomplish with normal business operations puts you ahead of the curve. You will have increased confidence in your strategy when you partner with ITR Economics’ team of experts.

We become an extension of your team as you incorporate our accurate sales and industry forecasts into your overall strategy and leverage our decades of experience in anticipating market turns.


Solutions To Assist in Your Strategic Planning

EVP™ Programs

Our EVP™ programs support your team during your strategic planning process and onward through the years as you adapt and make adjustments.

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Customized Webinars

Our customized webinars are built to give you the answers to the specific questions you outline to us during the discovery process.

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trends report
Trends Report™

Our Trends Report™ subscription helps you see coming turns in your markets so you can plan with precision and confidence.

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An Insider™ membership gives you exclusive access to some of our most timely updates. That way, you stay current with our perspective on the economic events that will impact business activity.

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