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A commitment to excellence is one of ITR Economics’ Core Values. To that end, our team of experts now includes the Trendline Productions team. These video engineers and producers – standouts in their field – ensure a top-notch experience for clients that work virtually with our economists.

From our virtual keynotes to our podcasts and everything in between, you can expect the highest quality when the Trendline Productions team is involved.

Virtual Presentations from Studio A

Our team of experts deliver hundreds of keynotes every year, providing unbiased, actionable, and dynamic presentations on the economy to businesses of all sizes. Meticulous data analysis and actionable insights without the economic jargon – you can expect to receive that value with our virtual presentations.

Book one of our speakers for your next event and get a dynamic presentation from our virtual stage at ITR Economics’ Studio A.

Studio A

Business Series Webinars

ITR Economics Insider™ members receive access to our full lineup of Business Webinars every year. These topical presentations cover the top-of-mind issues for businesses. Our data-driven insights help you effectively manage through the uncertainty.

Executive Series Webinars

Our Trendline Productions team also hosts our exclusive Executive Series Virtual Keynotes, featuring our C-Suite. These uniquely insightful presentations cover the relevant topics with a level of detail not available elsewhere. They are a must-watch for our clients.

virtual keynotes

TrendsTalk with ITR Economics

TrendsTalk is our podcast-style show for business leaders and professionals committed to making well-informed and profitable decisions.
With our reputation for being first in forecasts worldwide, we provide up-to-date intelligence on market and industry trends, current economic challenges, and more.

Fed Watch with ITR CEO Brian Beaulieu

Stay informed about the most recent actions of the Federal Reserve Board with our Fed Watch series! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss these weekly updates.

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