One of the most common pain points when setting a budget is working with inaccurate data. Inaccurate sales projections, market expectations, expense estimates, and even records can throw a wrench into your budgeting.

Another common pain point that tends to lead to budgeting problems is a lack of time. The executive’s day-to-day is by default packed with meetings and responsibilities. When budget season rolls around, finding additional time can be nearly impossible.

We help our clients address both pain points with our accurate sales and industry forecasting. With precise sales projections and market expectations, you get the power of reliable information without having to dedicate the time to produce it on your own.

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Once you have an ITR Economics sales forecast, you can begin to set your budget with confidence.

When you know where your business is in the business cycle, what is coming during the next three years, and how your markets will drive that future, you have the necessary foresight to set your expense budgets judiciously, allocate resources appropriately, and plan investments effectively.


Solutions to Assist in Your Budget Planning

EVP™ Programs

Our EVP™ programs help executives understand the natural drivers of their business and identify opportunities to maximize performance.

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Onsite Consultation

Our onsite consultations bring our expert foresight and guidance directly to your team, and at the right time.

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By the Numbers
By the Numbers™

By the Numbers is our exclusive weekly video-based podcast. Each week, our hosts review the biggest economic news headlines and provide our expert perspective on them, backed by our proven methodology.

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An Insider™ membership gives you exclusive access to some of our most timely updates. That way, you stay current with our perspective on the economic events that will impact business activity.

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