Manufacturers face common challenges. Recruiting and retaining employees is still difficult in this tight labor market, and manufacturers also must navigate through periods of higher inflation and supply chain disruptions, all while managing their automation processes and technology.

With so much to consider, manufacturers can find themselves driven by emotional inputs, which can contaminate the development of sound strategy. To ensure your business is on the right path to profitability, ITR Economics can provide you with insight into coming demand and expected business performance so you can make the right strategic decisions at the right time.

ITR Economics has been a trusted advisor to hundreds of manufacturers for several decades, with an overall forecast accuracy rating of 94.7% at one year into the future.

Our accurate forecasts can help you track your orders, shipments, and sales data, with 12-quarter projections for each dataset. Our expert economists give your team the knowledge to correctly time your capital investments – including the automation of your processes – and provide a clear roadmap for your business.

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Solutions to Assist Manufacturers

Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) Programs

With our EVP™ programs, you can track the coming demand for your business and know exactly which strategic levers to pull. We become an extension of your team and give you the insights to gain a strong advantage over your competitors.

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trends report
Trends Report™

The Trends Report™ is the perfect complement to any business. This service includes three-year outlooks for about 45 markets, accessible via the onDemand portal or directly on the onDemand App!

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Valued-based solutions:

  • Reduce the time and stress of generating an accurate sales forecast.
  • Lean on the experts for reliable industry trends and actionable advice.
  • Identify new markets of opportunity and create advantages over your competitors.
  • Identify the best timing to implement your investment strategies.

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