Currency values, inflation rates, labor costs, and materials costs are constantly changing. Meanwhile, the different policies and distinct relationships between nations can further complicate things. Staying on top of it all is difficult.

ITR Economics has a storied history of analyzing global economic trends and understanding their impacts across regions. We have clients all over the world – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia – and all of them value our accurate forecasts.

Through industry forecasting, sales forecasting, commodity forecasting, and foreign exchange rate forecasting, we provide your team with unbiased and accurate data so you have the confidence to build the best strategy for your business.

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Solutions to Assist Multinational Corporations

EVP™ Programs

An EVP™ is the perfect medium for a detailed overview of future business opportunities and risks, sales outlooks, and coming economic trends.

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Keynote Speaking

Our expert economists travel all over the world, speaking at more than 300 events every year. Each presentation includes topical economic insights and clear action items that will help you grow your business.

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Complimentary Resources From ITR Economics - Pain Points eBook

Download our free eBook for further insight into addressing the biggest pain points for multinational corporations!

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