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The ITR Economics Trends Report™ provides the economic forecasts, insights, and strategy to give your business the edge. Increase your competitive advantage, identify markets for growth, and more – start your free 30-day trial today!


Our Trends Report subscribers say the number one reason they subscribe is for our accurate forecasts. Each of the 40+ market forecasts looks three years into the future with a high degree of accuracy, giving our clients the foresight to plan ahead with confidence and build the future they desire.

As an economic firm, it is imperative we provide a clear, unbiased perspective – which is the number two reason our subscribers cite for why they value the Trends Report. As an apolitical, privately held firm, we provide an unbiased perspective that cuts through the noise and makes sense of the true trends our subscribers contend with.

Each forecast article in the Trends Report includes a Management Objective™ – an actionable piece of advice from our business-minded economists. Our clients rate this as their number three reason for subscribing.

The forecast articles are available online in our onDemand portal and may be directly accessed from your phone via our ITR onDemand App! You can customize your experience to directly receive the forecasts most applicable to you. 


9 out of 10 subscribers say…

The Trends Report has helped bolster their confidence during the decision-making process.


8 out of 10 subscribers say…

Their business strategy has improved since subscribing to the Trends Report.

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