You can create a sales plan without demand planning, but you cannot demand plan without a sales plan. Demand planning is a multistep process that typically includes sales forecasting, inventory management, and supply chain management. It is an ongoing process of managing customer demand while considering market conditions, consumer trends, and many other external influences.

The task of generating an accurate sales forecast and using demand planning to support business efficiency can seem very daunting. It may seem as though you need an entire team of experts to constantly track, update, and implement the information. That is where ITR Economics comes in. Our team of experts specialize in sales forecasting, industry forecasting, and translating information into actionable business intelligence.

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When you partner with ITR Economics for your sales and demand planning initiatives, you will have greater confidence in your decisions and more room to focus on your business strategy. Remove the stress that comes with all the steps of the process and let our experts help with consistent accuracy and dependability.

Our expert economists become your trusted advisors as they meet with you and your team to review each forecast, discuss your internal goals, and explain how to best to leverage the forecast insights to achieve those goals.


Solutions to Assist in Your Sales & Demand Planning

Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) Programs

Our EVP™ programs give executives like you a look around the corner so you can plan with confidence.

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Customized Webinars

Our customized webinars give you an unbiased, accurate look into economic trends impacting businesses just like yours.

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trends report
Trends Report™

Our Trends Report™ gives you access to about 40 industry forecasts, at your fingertips, to be used in any meeting.

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By the Numbers
By the Numbers™

By the Numbers is our exclusive weekly video-based podcast. Each week, our hosts review the biggest economic news headlines and provide our expert perspective on them, backed by our proven methodology.

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