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Industry Forecast Accuracy

Our overall forecast accuracy since 1985 is 94.7% at one year out. At ITR Economics, the length of time a forecast is in place is just as important as its accuracy.

While some firms give their clients a moving target, we provide ours with a stake in the ground, empowering them to plan effectively. Take a look at our last few years of scorecards and contact us today for more information. We are happy to talk through our strengths and abilities, as well as any limitations.

Forecast Accuracy Table 2023

The methodology we use works, even in times of extremes. We were in print in January 2006 warning our clients of the coming Great Recession. Our forecast predicted the low point of the recession as well as the rate of rise coming out of it. Imagine if you had known those critical points so far in advance.

See our forecast for yourself - download a snippet of our January 2006 Trends Report featuring our Great Recession warning!

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Company Forecast Accuracy by Industry

Not only can ITR Economics boast a reliable industry forecast, we have been providing business leaders with accurate company sales forecasts for decades! We can forecast a business’ sales data, units shipped data, pounds shipped data, and more. It comes down to choosing the metric that will give you the most useful foresight to best position your business. That is the forecast you will need to plan with confidence, and ITR Economics delivers it with accuracy.

Industrial Automation
Building Materials
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Mining & Metals
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Our overall Company Forecast Accuracy for 2019 was 92.19% at FIVE QUARTERS out.

Would this type of outlook help you build a business strategy with greater confidence?