Consider two frequently uttered business axioms: “If you are not growing, you are dying,” and, “Cash is king.” These statements may seem to be at odds with each other, as you must invest – i.e., spend – your cash to fuel your growth.

Your team is likely proposing investments in your sales operations, marketing programs, R&D efforts, technology advancements, infrastructure, and more. As an executive, you must review such plans and decide on their approval, but how will you identify the right time to launch?

At ITR Economics, our unique data-driven approach removes the emotional elements and provides you with a clear roadmap of the trajectory of the economy and your business. You will know when both are best positioned for you to execute on your strategy.

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Executives face many challenges when building their capital investment strategy, including information overload, too many choices, technology booms and busts, operational risks, regulation-related restrictions, and more.

Once you have addressed these and are finalizing your strategy, knowing the right time to implement is still a pain point.

This is where ITR Economics can help. By knowing how industry trends impact your company, understanding your trajectory in the business cycle, and seeing the expected performance of your specific markets, you will have the foresight to identify the best time to execute your strategy.


Solutions to Assist Your Capital Investment Strategies

Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) Programs

Our trusted advisors become an extension of your team, instilling the confidence to take action at the right time.

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trends report
Trends Report™

Our three-year industry forecasts give you the accurate, timely foresight you need to inform your decision making, and they are accessible during any meeting – right from your mobile device!

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Onsite Consultations

Our business economists join your team as subject matter experts on economic trends and the impact they may have on your business strategy.

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By the Numbers
By the Numbers™

By the Numbers is our exclusive weekly video-based podcast. Each week, our hosts review the biggest economic news headlines and provide our expert perspective on them, backed by our proven methodology.

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