What is ITR Economics' Methodology?


At ITR Economics, our proprietary business cycle theory, rates-of-change, and leading indicators form the foundation of our services.

“One fundamental feature of our economic analysis is the way we use leading indicators. We usually compute the leading indicators’ rates-of-change rather than using their raw data directly. In this way, we uncover a more complete picture of the leading indicator evidence, which helps us to draw more useful conclusions regarding the timing and directionality of business cycle trends.” – Lauren Saidel-Baker, Economist.

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Our exclusive four-phase business cycle serves as a reference to help your company make the right decisions at the right time.

Each business cycle phase comes with its own set of Management Objectives™, which are actionable pieces of business advice from our expert economists. They provide business leaders with insights that help them effectively optimize their strategy as they formulate plans to capitalize on upcoming opportunities or mitigate future risks to the company.

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