For many years, ITR Economics has been forecasting that a second Great Depression will occur in the 2030s.

The road leading up to the Great Depression will be consequential in and of itself, with many opportunities and challenges. Business leaders need to be planning now for this period, as we all seek to maximize profits and enterprise value.

What trends are contributing to this forecast? How should businesses prepare throughout the 2020s? Are there any factors that could change this forecast? Check out our resources to learn more about how this economic event will impact the globe.


2030s Great Depression Update

Presented By ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu And President Alan Beaulieu

What happens in the 2030s will have a bearing on how well our children and grandchildren will fare from an economic perspective. “Prosperity in the Age of Decline” was written expressly with that in mind. Much has happened in the world since the book was published in 2014. Some of the changes have been large and likely enduring. This presentation is the means to get caught up on our latest thinking about the timing and magnitude of the problem. Additionally, we will share a list of industries and markets that we think will hold up relatively well in the depression.

“A high probability exists that the decade spanning 2030–2040 will be one of lost opportunities, great economic distress, lost fortunes, deep regrets, and despair over what might have been. Protect yourself: Plan for this future and strive to stop it from occurring.”

Prosperity In The Age Of Decline (2014)

By ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu And President Alan Beaulieu

In Prosperity in the Age of Decline, Brian and Alan Beaulieu offer an informed, meticulously researched look at the future and the coming Great Depression. Drawing on ITR Economics’ 94.7% forecast accuracy rate, the book outlines specific, actionable strategies for capitalizing on cyclical opportunities and dodging economic danger. In this important resource, the authors reveal what it will take for individual investors and business leaders to prosper as the economy heats up prior to the predicted downturn, preserve wealth during the upcoming Great Depression, and profit on the way out of it. The imbalances and maladjustments have a while to play out, and the authors pinpoint the investment opportunities to be had in the countdown period.

“The trends we see are massive and have so much momentum that they will be difficult to change. Action is imperative. We need to implement economic moves that will protect us, to fight the good fight in an attempt to preclude the next Great Depression from hitting with unprecedented force.”