Tracking down and analyzing the data that directly impacts your business is no easy task. Further, without time-consuming research and source vetting, how can you trust that the datasets you are using accurately represent reality?


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Our unbiased and business-minded economists can help you find the data that is right for your company and provide you with valuable advice for acting on that information. We eliminate the economic jargon, so the signals from each dataset are clearer and more digestible.

Save hours of time and energy by working closely with ITR Economics for reliable and accurate data analysis.


Solutions to Assist in Data Analysis

DataCast Pro™

ITR Economics tracks more than 10,000 unique data sets – we select the ones that directly impact your business so you get the exact data you need.

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Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) Programs

Our expert economists help you identify the opportunities and risks to your business, guiding you through the various changes in the economy. Each program offers a unique roadmap based on accurate analysis and forecasting.

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DataCast Essentials™

With DataCast Essentials™, you can turn your own internal data into actionable information that provides a near-term view of your business activity. It will show you which segments of your business are providing the most opportunities and risks for your overall performance.

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