Purchasing a business or completing a merger is quite an undertaking. So much time and effort goes into it, and you do not want to make the wrong decision. Oftentimes, missteps may be traced back to inaccurate information, which can stem from straight-line forecasting, erroneous assumptions about the future, or complete unawareness of a major upcoming business cycle change.

With help from ITR Economics and our unparalleled forecast accuracy, unique methodology, and business cycle theory, you can assess not only a business’s performance with confidence, but also its future performance – 12 quarters out.

Our expert economists can help you make the right decisions on these crucial investments. We forecast the relevant markets, the performance of your acquisition targets, and more to help you build a strong strategic plan.

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Solutions to Assist Private Equity Firms

private equity firms
Acquisition Assessment Toolkit

Make the most out of your acquisitions with the help of our Acquisition Assessment Toolkit. We give you the tools and data you need to optimize your investment strategy.

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Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) Programs

Our EVP™ programs support firms just like yours in their decision-making processes. Our economists become an extension of your team and provide you with economic insights you cannot get elsewhere.

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Complimentary Resources From ITR Economics - Pain Points eBook

Download our free eBook for further insight into addressing the biggest pain points for private equity firms!

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