By the Numbers

By the Numbers is our exclusive weekly video-based podcast hosted by Lyndsay Wornham and ITR Economist Lauren Saidel-Baker. Each week, our hosts review the biggest economic news headlines and provide ITR Economics’ expert perspective on them, backed by our data-driven, apolitical, and unbiased approach.



News headlines can sometimes be misleading, and when business leaders take them at face value, they can end up making the wrong decisions at the wrong time. By the Numbers will help you cut through the media noise and remove the emotional inputs from your decision-making strategy. With By the Numbers, you can easily follow the data and make well-informed decisions that benefit your business.

Value provided with By the Numbers:

      • New episode every week
      • Review of the facts behind each headline
      • Three to five headlines covered per episode
      • Reliable data to inform your business decisions