All too often, business leaders find themselves either blindsided by unexpected economic downturns or aware of a growth opportunity too late to capitalize on it. Businesses tend to focus on the here and now; how can they easily recognize coming opportunities and threats?

ITR Economics is here to give you the accurate forecast you need to mitigate your risk and increase your profitability, whether that forecast is for the markets you sell into, the industry you operate in, or the performance of your company itself.

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ITR Economics is one of the only economic forecasting firms to publish its accuracy. This transparency helps build trust between us and our clients. Our overall forecast accuracy rate since 1985 is 94.7% at one year out!

Our business-minded economists provide market forecasts, company forecasts, and actionable advice to help business leaders stay ahead of the upcoming economic turns that will directly impact their business performance.


Solutions to Assist in Market, Industry, and Company Forecasting

EVP™ Programs

Our EVP programs are exactly what you needs to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Our expert economists do the heavy lifting for you, guiding you through the the economy's ups and downs and their impacts to your business.

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trends report
Trends Report™

The Trends Report™ is an industry-leading online subscription that is continuously updated throughout the month. It includes more than 45 forecast articles, covering both the US and world economies.

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By the Numbers
By the Numbers™

By the Numbers is our exclusive weekly video-based podcast. Each week, our hosts review the biggest economic news headlines and provide our expert perspective on them, backed by our proven methodology.

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An Insider™ membership gives you exclusive access to some of our most timely updates. That way, you stay current with our perspective on the economic events that will impact business activity.

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