Executive Summary

Vallen is a leading provider of indirect industrial supplies. The company creates value by offering innovative and sustainable solutions to customers and suppliers.

When unforeseen changes to the economy forced Vallen to pivot and make difficult business decisions, ITR Economics’ Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) consulting report was vital for the company’s leadership team, equipping them with an accurate, external view of potential future macroeconomic impacts on the business.

    • Vallen felt the impact of a softening in its industry without the benefit of intelligence from ITR Economics.
    • Vallen has been a client of ITR Economics since 2020, receiving its first EVP report that year.
    • ITR Economics’ forecasts were within 2% of Vallen’s actual results for its US data, which gave the company the confidence to seek ITR Economics’ assistance for its Canadian and Mexican business.

“I can’t stress enough how pleased we are with the product. We’re moving into the future, partnering with ITR.” – Sonia Timmons, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Vallen Distribution


“We looked at ITR and two others who offered services that we were not ready for, or we didn’t need...

ITR stood out as the front contender because they were offering exactly what we needed at the time.” - Sonia Timmons



After a strong 2018, Vallen was faced with a softening in the industrial space in 2019. Without early foresight to this economic trend, Vallen was financially impacted by the changes in its industry. The business was forced to make difficult business decisions and quickly pivot to manage these unforeseen macroeconomic changes.

How Product Helped

The insight ITR Economics provided to Vallen became essential to the company’s strategic planning, as it offered a clear view into the potential opportunities and risks for the business. ITR Economics’ EVP reports were fully customized to fit Vallen’s needs; our expert economists walked the team through each report and offered insight into how the company’s industry would be affected by current and upcoming economic trends. These insights proved invaluable for Vallen, helping its leadership cut through media noise and anticipate what was coming in the future.

“It helps to see what’s on the horizon because without that insight you just don’t know – and knowledge is power. That is very real.” – Sonia Timmons

Results, Return On Investment, And Future Plans

ITR Economics has become an extension of Vallen’s team, and our insights have become a key part of the company’s board meetings. Our data-driven approach helps reassure Vallen that it is on the right path to success.

With businesses still navigating supply chain challenges and a tight labor market, ITR Economics’ insights continue to help prepare Vallen moving forward, as the company will know when to pivot its strategy, when to preserve cash, and when to grab market share.