Executive Summary

Transfer Flow

Transfer Flow is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket and OEM fuel tank systems. The company of approximately 100 employees celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023. Transfer Flow’s products can be found on some of the world’s most popular vehicle makes, including Ford, General Motors, and Ram Trucks, to name a few.

Transfer Flow was looking to strengthen its business planning and gain a competitive advantage via greater proactivity. The company became a client of ITR Economics after hearing about us at various trade shows, conferences, and summits.

  • Transfer Flow became an ITR Economics client in 2023 and received its first Executive Vantage Point™ (EVP) consulting report early that year.
  • ITR Economics coached Transfer Flow’s executive team on our unique terminology and methodology so that the company could turn the takeaways of each meeting into clear action items.
  • Thanks to our accurate insights, Transfer Flow was able to advise its sales team to keep their eyes and ears open for exciting new opportunities arising out of ever-changing market, industry, and economic trends.
  • By trusting, learning, and understanding the information provided by ITR Economics, Transfer Flow has doubled down and invested in its equipment and staff and is ready to expand as the economy allows.

“You’ve given us an open canvas to paint on, and we’re still brush-stroking through a lot of that to figure out how we can put those different pieces together and look at pivoting quickly instead of just doing our normal trends we have followed for decades. I know that that’s a big relief for our sales team.” – Ben Winter, Vice President / Business Development


“We have some pretty strong personalities in that room, and we all want to do the right thing....

All of our experiences and knowledge are what has made our company successful, and by adding ITR Economics into our toolbox, we have a core rally point. ITR Economics brings commonality to those discussions. You've given us a foundation – a foundational tool that we all can rally around and then go to it.” - Ben Winter

Transfer Flow


Despite general success since 1983, Transfer Flow often struggled with establishing a clear direction across the company as a whole. When discussing business plans and strategy, the disparate inputs and opinions from team members led to a disjointed vision for the future.

Now, the expert economists at ITR Economics, with a 94.7% forecast accuracy rating, provide the leadership team at Transfer Flow with clarity regarding the future of the company. Thanks to our valuable insights, the entire Transfer Flow team can get on the same page to increase the company’s competitive advantage and continue to grow the business.

How Product Helped

By putting their trust in ITR Economics, the Transfer Flow team has been able to confidently make business decisions that they would not have made otherwise. As a self-funded organization, Transfer Flow did not typically make aggressive moves – such as taking out loans for new equipment – to grow the business.

With ITR Economics’ insights, however, Transfer Flow recognized an opportunity to take out an extra loan and purchase new equipment in plenty of time to train their employees on it. This way, when the economy picks up later down the road, Transfer Flow will be far ahead of its competitors as it makes the most of the economic growth.

"In 32 years, I have never seen us take a risk and purchase advanced tooling earlier than targeted and just say, ‘Let's get it. Let's kick it off...

Let's get this thing started so that if we do have a slowdown, we have some time to implement, train, get ready, get tooling done.’ And as we look into 2024 and going into 2025, I'm at the front of the line. I got the green flag – I'm ready to go.” - Ben Winter

Transfer Flow

Results, Return On Investment, And Future Plans

The Transfer Flow team was just finishing up their fiscal year 2023. Now, with the insights from our EVP services and detailed discussions with our economists, Transfer Flow has a strong business plan in place for the 2024 recession, including clear projections of revenue, profits, expenditures, and more.

With a better understanding of coming trends, Transfer Flow has more confidence to make informed, bold business decisions that will continue to grow the company and increase its market share moving forward.