Executive Summary

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SEKISUI KYDEX utilizes ITR Economics’ Trends Report™ and DataCast™ subscriptions to support internal forecasting and planning. ITR Economics’ services have enabled the company to move from a short-term, tactical approach to a long-term, strategic approach, which has led to increased growth and less susceptibility to the normal ups and downs in the business cycle.

  • ITR Economics subscriber since 2015
  • Saved time and increased productivity through access to ITR Economics’ macroeconomic data
  • “Whenever we do a forecast, people want to know how it compares to the data ITR is providing as a reference point.”

“[Trends Report and DataCast] are top-notch quality material – both accurate and reliable, but also very professionally produced. The webinars have been very helpful. I also enjoy the blogs and TrendsTalk podcast.”


“We want to be able to outperform our peers and ‘steer our ship’ with confidence through the storms...

We refuse to be a victim of circumstances and instead look for ways to improve our position through difficult times, and we do that by focusing on objective data with a long-term view in mind.”

Competitive Advantage


SEKISUI KYDEX had struggled with analyzing the long-term trends that would impact the business. Decisions were more tactically minded; the company took advantage of opportune targets or went with “gut feelings.” It was difficult for the firm to grasp how it would perform looking three years into the future.

Additionally, SEKISUI KYDEX found it challenging to access, develop, and manage a leading indicator model from which it could forecast its business.

How Product Helped

SEKISUI KYDEX has been utilizing the Trends Report to tune out “noise,” allowing for sharper focus on its objectives and the true driving forces of the business. This helps company leadership confidently make strategic decisions related to their market trends and capital investments.

When DataCast was launched, SEKISUI KYDEX immediately added it to its arsenal, taking its decision-making strategy to the next level. The tool has provided the company with a wealth of macroeconomic data and leading indicator analysis that had previously been next to impossible to gather.

Through these two subscriptions, ITR Economics’ webinars, and free publications, FP&A Manager Bill Van Horn and the SEKISUI KYDEX leadership team have been able to appropriately diversify, make timely preparations to avoid downturns in some markets, and capitalize on growth in others.

How do you measure the value our product provides?

“It’s hard to quantify, but anecdotally I can measure it by the fact that people constantly ask me ‘what’s ITR saying about so-and-so?’ Whenever we do a forecast, people want to know how it compares to the data ITR is providing as a reference point. It has taken a few years, but the ITR methodology is now fully integrated into our annual budgeting and our mid-term planning.” - Bill Van Horn, FP&A Manager

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Results, Return On Investment, And Future Plans

Current goals of the company include:

  • Double sales revenue over the next 10 years
  • Streamline and automate accounting processes and financial transactions
  • Increase reliability and decrease bias in forecasting to provide a clear picture of the future with actionable takeaways

SEKISUI KYDEX intends to continue utilizing the Trends Report and DataCast. These tools have provided strong sales forecasting support and inspire the company to continuously challenge its strategies and sales goals.