The Private Label Advisor enables trade associations, banks, management firms, business advisory firms, and other organizations to provide an added value to their members or clients. Stay current with ITR Economics between presentations and take advantage of clear, actionable information on economic trends, supported by our unbiased research. In addition, your company’s logo is included on the monthly report.


Values provided:

    • Unbiased view of current events
    • Clear, concise overview of economic activity
    • Up-to-date information on the most reliable US Leading Indicators
    • 3-Year U.S. Economic Forecast you can count on using ITR Economics’ 94.7% Forecast Accuracy
    • Easy access, anytime, anywhere with the personalized Economic Portal

What’s included:

    • Federal Reserve overview
    • Current event articles
    • US market-specific updates
    • US State Opportunity Index
    • Snapshot of US macroeconomic indicators
    • Answers to readers’ questions