Matt Sheidow
Matthew Sheidow
Director of Sales

Director of Sales Matthew Sheidow has been serving ITR Economics since 2018. Matthew was hired as the company’s first sales manager. He was tasked with coaching the Sales Team to better understand their roles as Trusted Advisors for both existing clients and those considering partnering with our company.

Combining his background in engineering and sales leadership with his true passion for helping others, Matthew has transformed the Sales Team into a perceptive group that identifies a potential client’s business challenges and understands whether or not ITR Economics is the best party to address them. Consistent with his background in coaching, Matthew truly wants to help not just his team members, but also our clients.

His dedication to continued self-improvement was quickly adopted by all members of the team as they began seeking ways to become better advisors. Matthew’s collaborative leadership style has led ITR Economics to realizing its growth goals, and his operational talent has supported the business’ structural needs.

Matthew’s list of many accomplishments includes developing a team focused on ITR Economics’ Core Values, instituting a Sandler sales training program, building a Scope of Work web application, launching several new services, establishing cross-departmental training for increased collaboration and communication, and teaching multiple sales strategies for improved pipeline management and response time to clients.

Through his accomplishments, he has supported the company’s goals of providing a superior client experience, unison across departments, and transparency in every interaction.

Matthew’s leadership contributions at ITR Economics extend far beyond his list of accomplishments. His intense focus on clients’ needs, passionate desire to help everyone around him grow both personally and professionally, and dedication to excellence continue to support our long-term success at ITR Economics.

“Matt Sheidow has incredible skills that range from people management to process development and implementation, but perhaps his greatest talent is found in knowing the right questions to ask. Matt has taught the team how to seek out the goals and issues facing the person or enterprise they are talking to. That way, ITR can provide a laser-focused solution that will enhance decision-making abilities at both the human and business level. His leadership and abilities will both keep ITR growing and serve the needs of the business community. He is integral to our next generation of leadership.” – Alan Beaulieu, President