growing a business with confidence

Executive Summary

Lynn SafetyLynn Safety has been a leader in the suspended scaffold and access industry for nearly 50 years. The company specializes in bringing its clients’ existing exterior building maintenance systems into compliance with OSHA safety standards as well as providing new equipment for the exterior building maintenance industry.

Lynn Safety decided that an accurate and trustworthy economist was the missing piece of the puzzle in its attempts to assemble the necessary group of people to grow the business. To help position itself to make the best business decisions given its many different departments and target markets, Lynn Safety leaned on ITR Economics to provide accurate economic insights and actionable advice.

  • Lynn Safety has been a valued client of ITR Economics for more than seven years.
  • ITR Economics provides personalized insight to the Lynn Safety C-suite team. Discussions cover business performance, where the company is headed, and areas of opportunity for growth.
  • Our personable economists are an extension of the Lynn Safety team, providing the client with a winning environment.
  • Our economic insights give Lynn Safety the confidence to be proactive rather than reactive in its decision-making process.

“It’s that personal experience that we receive from ITR Economics that has us coming back year over year.” – Joseph Cissney, COO at Lynn Safety


“We were growing and growing quickly, and back then we were not prepared...

And then when things would turn – especially way back in 2008, when I don't think anybody was prepared as well as they would have wanted to be – we had to figure out, ‘OK, how are we going to really see what's coming?’" – Joseph Cissney

Lynn Safety


Lynn Safety faces many unique challenges in its industry as it targets a large mix of different people – property managers, developers, and general contractors, for example – in its sales strategy. With so much to cover, Lynn Safety needed a trustworthy economist to provide the insight and direction to help the business continue to grow.

Since we began working with Lynn Safety seven years ago, ITR Economics has helped the company optimize its pricing strategies to align with frequently changing market conditions, keep tabs on competitors, discover areas of opportunity, and identify ways to improve upon its competitive advantage.

How Product Helped

Essential data from ITR Economics has allowed Lynn Safety to lean on the reliability of our forecasts. Our forecasts help Lynn Safety recognize where and when it should push forward, as well as when it should pull back, to make the most profit.

For example, insight from our forecast for housing starts, which lead their business by about 20 months, provides Lynn Safety with key information regarding new construction builds.

“At the end of the day, everybody's got four walls, they got a warehouse, and they have all the same things...

But the way you differentiate yourself from everybody else is the people that you have, and it's those people that – if you get them to believe in your mission and what you're doing as a company – will work wonders. And I feel like that's what ITR Economics is for us.” – Joseph Cissney

Lynn Safety

Results, Return On Investment, And Future Plans

Without the insights of ITR Economics, Lynn Safety might have continued down the path of reactionary decision-making and constantly playing catch-up to its competition.

By working with ITR Economics, Lynn Safety continues to grow as an industry leader. The partnership has helped enable Lynn Safety to confidently and consistently invest further in its business, including manufacturing its own equipment.