Kim Clark
Kimberly Clark
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kimberly Clark has been serving ITR Economics’ clients since 2011. She began her journey at ITR Economics as a Sales Consultant. Her responsibilities included selling subscriptions, talking to inbound prospects, and more.

Kimberly quickly became involved in the business development aspect of the company, creating contractual agreements, organizing services into cohesive packages, consulting with clients, building a CRM system, and designing new processes for increased operational efficiency. Kimberly has become an integral part of ITR Economics’ overall success through her use of both tactical and strategic plans to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and service profitability.

Some of her accomplishments over the years includes building a team of trusted advisors, developing services to meet client demand, creating analytically driven marketing plans, nurturing business relationships to last long into the future, and designing a sales, marketing, and customer service strategy to ensure long-term company growth.

Kimberly has written many articles for the company. She has been interviewed by several media channels and quoted in various digital magazines over the years. Her value to ITR Economics far exceeds what the eye can see. She continues to be a foundational member of our Leadership Team and will continue to play a vital role in the company’s long-term business strategy.

Kimberly is key to ITR’s future and continued growth as well as our service to businesses around the world. She has accumulated an incredible list of accomplishments over the years in sales, marketing, business development, and leadership. She works intelligently and tirelessly for the benefit of our clients, our business partners, and our team. Her vision for ITR’s future is the same as Brian’s and mine, and I am thrilled to see her move the company forward to benefit all stakeholders while living our Core Values. – Alan Beaulieu, President