Joseph Beaulieu
Vice President of Technology

Vice President of Technology Joseph Beaulieu has been serving ITR Economics since 2017. Joseph was hired to help bring ITR Economics’ operational and customer-facing systems to current platforms and to advise C-suite personnel on new technology trends.

Combining his Six Sigma training with his engineering mindset and work experience in IT, he was able to immediately start improving process efficiency across the whole company. Upon his arrival, he developed a product plan for DataCast™, ITR Economics’ online SaaS program.

Over the years, Joseph has accumulated a plethora of achievements for the company:

  • Completed dozens of Six Sigma exercises to remove waste in our company’s processes
  • Successfully implemented a CRM system for marketing, sales, and customer service
  • Designed and instituted ITR Economics’ online platform, ITR onDemand
  • Developed and released our company’s smart phone application, the ITR onDemand App
  • Developed numerous internal web applications that enable each department to work seamlessly both on an internal basis and with other departments
  • Established a team of about a dozen programmers and software developers to keep ITR Economics’ technology at the cutting edge

Joseph has brought structure to ITR Economics’ processes by implementing strategies such as agile development and by instituting a change control board.

Through his accomplishments, he has supported ITR Economics’ continued growth strategy and ultimately our profitability. Thanks to Joseph, our clients enjoy an upgraded user experience and can immediately access our forecasts from any location. He has been an integral member of the Leadership Team, guiding our conversations on future trends and potential technology investments, to the benefit of both our clients and the overall business. His value to ITR Economics extends passed these notable accomplishments. His leadership of his direct team and input on operational best practices within each department supports both ITR Economics’ short-term and long-term goals.

Joe as our VP of Technology will increase his ability to bring his experience, foresight, and business savviness to a higher level. Joe has already been instrumental in improving our technological abilities internally and externally; the future looks very bright for our company and our clients going forward with Joe in this new enhanced position. – Brian Beaulieu, CEO and Chief Economist