Jackie Greene
Jacqueline Greene
Vice President of Economics

Vice President of Economics Jackie Greene has been serving ITR Economics’ clients since 2005. She began her journey at ITR Economics as an analyst. Her responsibilities included but were not limited to setting up charts for forecasters, compiling information for presenters, and preparing analyses to be used in bigger projects.

Over the years, Jackie has proved to be a critical member of the ITR Economics team. She has elevated her skills and expertise, reaching new heights in advanced forecasting, gaining a deep understanding of business application of ITR Economics’ trend analysis, and developing a keen awareness of how to best incorporate our insights into business strategy.

Some of Jackie’s accomplishments over the years include designing a team of business-minded economists, contributing to concepts that ultimately became new services for clients, forecasting our critical indicators, leading ITR Economics’ international efforts, developing a detailed training program for continued company growth, and mentoring a leadership team behind her to ensure long-term company sustainability.

Jackie has been featured on the Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Podcast as well as the RealCrowd Podcast, where she discussed Business Cycle Phases and Economic Trends. She continues to grow her exposure in the marketplace through various news and media channels.

Jackie’s value to ITR Economics far exceeds her resume. As a member of our Senior Executive Team, she plays a vital role in the company’s long-term business strategy.


“Jackie can best be summarized using the name of her sailboat, Relentless. Jackie started as an economist with ITR Economics, worked her way to being a highly prized forecaster, then Director of Economics, and now Vice President of Economics. She is relentless in her pursuit of providing unbiased forecasts that will drive increased profits for our clients. She is driven to learn, explore, and apply what she knows. As a testament to her role on the Leadership Team, Jackie joins only Alan Beaulieu (President of ITR Economics) and me (Chief Economist) in knowing the proprietary means by which we drive our superior forecast accuracy results. It is a joy to work side by side with her.” – Brian Beaulieu, CEO and Chief Economist