Grace Schatz
Grace Schatz
Director of Economics

Director of Economics Grace Schatz has been serving ITR Economics since 2013. Grace was hired as an analyst to support ITR Economics’ forecasting initiatives, consultative services, and internal analysis of developing economic trends.

She quickly began participating in companywide meetings, contributing a robust understanding of how economic trends impact business activity. With her background in developing B2B tools at Apple Inc., as well as her education, she brought a keen vision of how ITR Economics’ services could most benefit our clients.

Grace began working to fine tune ITR Economics’ consulting services to include a more robust advisory session with our clients and, in very short order, became a highly sought-after advisor. She met with clients onsite during executive meetings and counseled leaders on how best to apply our forecasts. Her forecasting capabilities enabled her to support other team members in learning ITR Economics’ methodology, and this propelled her into a vital leadership role within the economic teams.

While Grace has recorded many accomplishments during her tenure with the company, a few of the highlights include:

  • Training new hires
  • Consulting with ITR Economics’ largest clients
  • Co-developing internal forecasting tools to increase process efficiency
  • Leading the efforts of the Economic Information Technology Team
  • Recommending several new product concepts
  • Aligning the Economics Team with the Sales Team for improved cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • Executing several internal initiatives to increase the company’s profitability

Through her accomplishments, Grace has supported the company’s reputation for unparalleled forecast accuracy in the industry, advanced its business application of economic trends, and contributed an unbiased perspective on economic trends and their attendant impact on business performance.

Grace’s involvement at ITR Economics extends far beyond her list of accomplishments. Her commitment to excellence and strong leadership are fundamental to the success of our long-term strategies.

“Grace Schatz has been with ITR Economics since 2013. During that time, she has demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and dedication to excellence, in alignment with our Core Values. Grace has risen through the company on a combination of intelligence, skill, and determination to improve both herself and the company around her. In addition to being a top tier economist, Grace is also operationally minded, making her a well-respected trusted advisor. Grace is instrumental in teaching and developing our newer economists as well, further ensuring that the thirst for knowledge and commitment to excellence is instilled in all the other members of her team.” – Jackie Greene, Vice President of Economics