Eric Post
Eric Post
Director Of Research And Development

Director of Research and Development Eric Post has been serving ITR Economics since 2015. Eric was hired as an analyst to support ITR Economics’ analysis of macro and microeconomic trends and the impact of those trends on business activity.

With his profound ability to understand the underlying components to general trend analysis, Eric quickly began contributing to some of ITR Economics’ most complex internal projects. He supported senior leadership with detailed analyses that contributed to the company’s overall forecast accuracy.

Eric quickly became a sought-after source of information, internal advisor to our economists, and vital member of ITR Economics’ forecasting team. His ability to take detailed analysis and translate it into actionable steps for clients turned the reports we provide in our consulting services into living documents trusted by hundreds.

Eric’s many accomplishments include altering ITR Economics’ Customized Reports to include advice for the reader, modifying report layout for improved digestibility, creating customized indexes to meet complex client needs, adjusting internal process to support company profitability goals, and advising as one of ITR Economics’ thought leaders.

Through his accomplishments, Eric has supported the company’s goals of providing superior forecast accuracy, reliable advice for our clients, and an unbiased perspective.

As a meeting participant, Eric can at times come off as very quiet. The reason for this, his colleagues have come to learn, is because he is usually deep in thought, considering the words he is hearing and how that information may be best applied for the benefit of our clients.

Eric’s contribution to ITR Economics far exceeds his list of accomplishments. His intense focus on client needs, strong desire to help everyone around him grow both personally and professionally, and deep understanding of the company’s forecasting methodology play a crucial role in the long-term success of ITR Economics.

“Eric Post is one of our top economists and has been with ITR Economics since 2015. Eric’s been an instrumental part in developing the ITR Optimizer and has been a key contributor to upgrading ITR’s collection of proprietary leading indicators. Eric is a key part of training our upcoming forecasters and has worked diligently to ensure our quality and accuracy are upheld by all. As the Director of Research & Development, Eric oversees new research initiatives that further the insights of the entire economics team. Eric has proven himself time and time again as a top tier economist committed to excellence. ” – Jackie Greene, Vice President of Economics