Diana Staples
Diana Staples
Executive Director Of Data And Administrative Services

Executive Director of Data and Administrative Services Diana Staples has been serving ITR Economics since 2004. She was initially hired as an accounting consultant to keep track of the company’s financials.

Due to her general prowess and aptitude for discerning financial implications as they relate to business operations, Diana was subsequently brought on full time as ITR Economics’ data manager. Meanwhile, she continued to fulfill accounting duties – tracking deferred revenue, prepaid expenses, and depreciation and reconciling all accounts. She joined leadership meetings to provide input regarding company best practices.

Diana became fundamental to ITR Economics’ success over the years as her role expanded to encompass, for a time, human resources, even as she continued her accounting duties and oversaw all data-related functions. As the company continued to grow, maintaining clean, updated, and comprehensive data in a usable format became all the more important.

ITR Economics’ unparalleled forecast accuracy requires impeccable data integrity and, consequently, rigorous work. As the company’s client base expanded to include new markets and industries, so too did the required range of data types and, therefore, data sources. Diana was the driving force of this initiative. She sought new, reliable data sources, maintained relationships with those sources, and continued to ensure that all data was readily accessible to ITR Economics’ growing team of analysts and economists.

Diana currently oversees the Data Department and Presentation Team. Over the years, Diana and her staff have been the ultimate contributors to moving ITR Economics’ robust database to newer, more user-friendly platforms, and they are solely responsible for the maintenance and development of all ITR Economics presentations.

Diana’s value to ITR Economics far exceeds the long list of accomplishments she has racked up over the years. Her guidance and insights keep her team in control of the breadth and depth of the underlying data that is essential to the forecast accuracy and unbiased view our clients depend on.


“Diana is one of those incredible people who will consistently bring amazing results to any task or project she touches. I know Diana will thoroughly think through a problem or issue and derive a solution that is best for our clients and for her teammates at ITR. Those abilities make her a ‘go to’ part of our leadership team, and she is universally liked and respected within ITR. Unfortunately, very few of our clients have the opportunity to interact with Diana; if they did, they would understand she embodies our commitment to excellence. She has been a mainstay to our success since she first joined us.” – Brian Beaulieu, CEO and Chief Economist