With Customized Reports from ITR Economics, you can provide unbeatable market intelligence to your members. Select your own industries of interest and view their 3-year forecasts, see where the macroeconomy is headed via the Business Cycle Dashboard, and check out the supporting text analysis for additional insights.


When combined with Alliance Powered by DataCast, your members’ reports come to life. Alliance puts them in the driver’s seat, letting them plot their company’s data against any markets covered in the Customized Report. This real-time experience will increase your members’ ability to understand where their business fits within their specific markets and the overall economy.

Values provided:

    • Foresight on applicable markets for the audience receiving the report
    • Actionable guidance via Management Objectives™
    • Business positioning intelligence – where and when – to maximize return on investment
    • Understand events impacting business
    • Increase internal forecasting accuracy
    • Benchmark internal success
    • Inform effective marketing strategies

“I have followed [your company] for 15+ years now and I respect your analysis over that period of time.” – Frank E. Walter, Director of Special Projects at Palmer Trucks

customized report

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