Briana Lannan
Briana Lannan
Executive Director of Finance

Executive Director of Finance Briana Lannan has been serving ITR Economics since 2014. Briana originally joined the team as an accounting assistant; she worked her way up to Executive Director. Today, she is a trusted advisor on the Executive Team and responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership in alignment with ITR Economics’ mission and vision. This includes all areas relating to financial reporting for the company, as well as the planning and directing of the day-to-day management aspects of accounting operations.

Briana earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Southern New Hampshire University. Before joining ITR Economics, she began her career in the banking and tax industries. Since joining the team, Briana has helped improve processes, policies, and reporting in the accounting department, helping it grow to what it is today.

As an Executive Service Award recipient, Briana has been recognized for her hard work at ITR Economics. She is also working toward her CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant) and is a member of OIC (Oversight & Integration Command), a group that meets to identify cross-departmental issues.

“Briana is a tremendous asset to ITR Economics. Her accounting knowledge and skills are truly exceptional, but beyond that is her capability to work with other departments throughout the company. In addition, as Executive Director of Finance, she successfully interfaces with all our external financial partners as well. Briana also has the ability to know not only what the numbers are, but also what they mean, and all the various implications.” – ITR Economics President Alan Beaulieu