Intentional Growth Episode #382 - Q3 2023

Economic and M&A Market Update With Brian Beaulieu


ITR Economics CEO and Chief Economist Brian Beaulieu joins the Intentional Growth Podcast with Ryan Tansom for the final Economic and M&A Market Update for 2023. In this episode, Beaulieu and Tansom discuss ITR Economics’ forecast for 2024 and the opportunities that will follow, as well as ways businesses can navigate through periods of economic decline.

Key topics:

  • Brian Beaulieu outlines ITR Economics’ mild recession forecast for 2024, cutting through conflicting media headlines. He also discusses his insights on the 3Q23 GDP update.
  • Many business leaders will be surprised by the recession and will find themselves hesitant in 2024. For leaders that have a strategy in place, however, 2024 will provide opportunities to gain market share over competitors.
  • The episode also covers other important trends in manufacturing, interest rates, and more. It will include insight into the volatility in financial markets.

Tune in to the full episode here!