Intentional Growth Episode #370 - Q3 2023

Economic and M&A Market Update With Brian Beaulieu


ITR Economics CEO and Chief Economist Brian Beaulieu joins Arkona’s Intentional Growth podcast for an economic and M&A market update for Q3 2023. In this episode, Brian and host Ryan Tansom discuss the economic landscape out East with a focus on China, key US industries and where they are in the business cycle, and the state of the housing market.

Key topics:

  • The Chinese economy is facing numerous challenges brought on by demographics, high debt levels, and deflation. What does the future hold for China’s economy?
  • What are the key US economic trends this business cycle? Brian highlights the current state of the recovering housing construction market and discusses other major industries, such as real estate, nonresidential construction, retail, and more!
  • The rapid rise in interest rates has caused a lot of shock, especially for the housing market. What will 2024 bring? How significant is the stress in the commercial real estate market? Brian and Ryan discuss these challenges, as well as the inverted Treasury yield curve.

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