Intentional Growth Episode #356 - Q2 2023

Economic and M&A Market Update With Brian Beaulieu


ITR Economics CEO and Chief Economist Brian Beaulieu joins Arkona’s Intentional Growth podcast for an economic and M&A market update for Q2 2023. Businesses have been facing many challenges over the past few years, whether it is elevated interest rates, supply chain issues, or even geopolitical issues. In this episode, host Ryan Tansom and Brian Beaulieu discuss recent economic events and how businesses can navigate the waters over the next few years.

Key topics and takeaways include:

  • Three banks have failed this year, but why? Learn about how issues such as focused lending, deposits not covered by the FDIC, and reliance on bond investments all played a role in their downfall with a deep dive into the banking sector.
  • ITR Economics is forecasting that a mild recession will characterize 2024. While the industrial sector will be in Phase D, Recession, by the beginning of next year, not all industries go through the same business cycle phases at the same time. Learn how ITR Economics’ business cycle theory and leading indicator inputs can help you gain insights into the US economy and key industries for 2024.
  • Pricing issues will continue to be a challenge for many businesses this decade. Companies will need to be agile and willing to adapt to changes in the economy. Brian Beaulieu will discuss ways to mitigate the impact of inflation, as well as ways companies can improve their hiring strategy in today’s labor market.

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