ITR Trends Report™

ITR Trends Report™

Economic insights, forecasts, and strategies that give your business an edge
Newly expanded and enhanced, ITR Economics' industry-leading forecasting publication now includes five comprehensive reports covering the complete spectrum of today’s U.S. and world economies.

Subscriptions include all modules at one low, annual price. 

Trends Report Core


Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting that show how the future will impact your company

  • Detailed insights on short- and long-term changes to the U.S. economy, market activity, monetary policies, and ITR Economics' macroeconomic outlook
  • Analysis of leading indicators and a forecast of U.S. Industrial Production
  • Two-year forecasts of Employment, Retail Sales, Wholesale Trade Durable Goods, Wholesale Trade Nondurable Goods, and more
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Financial Module


Insights to prepare you for tomorrow's economy today

Provides solid, forward-thinking:

  • Analysis of crucial economic segments such as Corporate Bond Prices and Stock Prices
  • Four-quarter forecasts for US Government Long-Term Bond Yields, Natural Gas Futures, Crude Oil Futures, and Steel Futures
  • Two-year forecast and analysis of the Consumer Price and Producer Price Indexes
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Construction Module


Critical data and analysis to help you make informed decisions

This expanded module includes:

  • Two-year forecasts of Housing Starts, Office Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Educational Buildings, Energy and Power Facilities, Home Improvement Construction, Commercial Additions and Alterations, and Hospital & Medical Facility Construction
  • Analysis and forecasts highlighting business opportunities in each market
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Manufacturing Module


A discerning look at this crucial piece of the economic puzzle

Covering both U.S. and global trends, this detailed report includes:

  • Analysis and two-year forecasts of overall US Industrial Production trends
  • Production activity in North American Light Vehicles, Oil and Gas Extraction, Mining, Chemicals, Aircraft Equipment, Medical Equipment, Heavy Duty Trucks, and Food
  • New Orders activity for Metalworking Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Construction Machinery Electrical Equipment, Computers & Electronics, and Defense Capital Goods
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Global Module


A deep dive into the trends shaping today's global economy — and your company's bottom line

If you do business internationally, this 30-page report is essential — with:

  • Maps, charts, and text placing events within the larger economic picture
  • Two-year forecasts of industrial production activity in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil
  • Complete coverage of the EU-27 with analysis of Russia and Turkey
  • Analysis and forecasts for India, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia
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