Why ITR Economics

ITR Economics provides the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and to drive practical and profitable business decisions.

Seeing the future first. If you could predict tomorrow’s economy today, you would have a tremendous edge  in the marketplace. That’s the advantage ITR Economics has been offering our clients for more than 60 year's—we offer an informed, meticulously researched look at the future, with a 94.7% forecast accuracy rate/plus specific, actionable strategies for capitalizing on cyclical opportunities and dodging economic danger.

The power of a deep institutional memory. You want to work with an economic forecasting company that has a long view of historical trends and that can draw on a powerful institutional memory to give you a balanced, contextual look into your company’s future. No other trend forecasting company in the U.S. has our perspective or can draw on a history of unparalleled analysis like we can.

ITR’s roots date back to the 1930s. ITR was started by Harvard graduate, Chapin Hoskins in the mid-1930s. Chapin looked at the wreckage of the Great Depression and said ”Never again.” For a decade he perfected his techniques in economic research, analysis, and application, and in 1948 he incorporated the Institute for Trend Research. Today ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating economic research and forecasting firm in the United States.

ITR is the leader in applying business cycle research to formulate practical business decisions. Business leaders, industry organizations, financial advisers, and banking institutions around the world rely on ITR Economics forecasting to identify key economic trends, to pinpoint when changes will occur, and to determine what actions to take to position themselves for future growth. When businesses follow our guidelines, they can mobilize 12 months in advance. This gives them ample time to avert cyclical downturns or to build on rising industry trends.

Dr. Alan Beaulieu
President and Principal

Why over 800 domestic and global clients turn to ITR

• On the Money

ITR provides over 350 industry/market forecasts with 94.7% accuracy looking four quarters out. Our unique, proprietary process offers insights that may seem counterintuitive, but are always easy to apply and are proven correct over time. You can plan your future with confidence because we don't equivocate.

• Over 50 Phase Management Objectives™

We recommend specific actions that can help you outperform in any economic climate. Our Phase Management Objectives are directly linked to the timing of your company's business cycle as it relates to predictable market trends within your industry.

• Assured Value

For 97% of our clients, ITR finds relevant leading indicators and market trends that can be used to consistently outperform the competition. For the other 3%, there is no fee because there are no results. You pay us only after you are sure that we can help you.

• No Conflict of Interest

As the oldest, privately-held economic consulting firm in the U.S., we are not beholden to any industry, market, political party, financial entity or investment institution. Our forecasts and recommendations are objective. We answer to our clients and only our clients.

• Action-Oriented Economists

At ITR Economics we find economics exciting, relevant, practical, and vitally important. When we publish our forecasts and action strategies or deliver our informative and entertaining keynotes, we do so in non-technical language with take-away value that our clients can apply immediately.