ITR Trendcast™

Our Trendcast™ tells you what your leading indicators are, when you can expect your next high /low, and what strategies to apply now.

Borrow? Build? Consolidate? Hire? Sell? With ITR’s Trendcast, you’ll know precisely where you are in the business cycle, what your leading indicators are, when to take action and exactly what moves to make, keeping you at peak profitability in good times and safely positioned for down cycles.

How does Trendcast work? We take your company’s historical revenue data, convert it to a rate-of-change format, then chart it against U.S. industry-specific leading indicators and foreign data, as required. We analyze the results and present you with customized charts that give you a clear view of your company’s future. Access to our website allows you to keep the charts updated. A free follow-up phone consultation with your management team is included.


Kimberly Beaulieu-Clark
Director of Sales


  • What: Trendcast, a company-specific analysis—based on 10-year revenue data—charts exactly where your company is today, what your leading indicators are, and where revenues are headed. It suggests what moves to make to maximize profitability or prepare for downtrends.
  • For Whom: Forecasters, business owners, and executive decision-makers
  • Key Benefits: Confidential, customized analysis that will help you know when to hire or cut, make capital expenditures, or borrow at the optimum time. A follow-up conference call with an ITR analyst ensures your company is ready for the next business cycle.

 Click here to view a sample Trendcast.

To learn more about the insight a Trendcast can provide you and your company call Kimberly at 603.796.2500.