Trade Association Economic Data Management

Value-added forecasts for trade organizations help members prepare for the future.

Information. Insight. Analysis. Action. One way trade associations and industry groups can keep their membership informed and better equipped for market changes is with ITR Economics’ Trade Association Data Management service. With this forecasting tool, ITR Economics compiles monthly revenue numbers and other data from participating members/dealers. We manage the compiled data and prepare a clear, sharply focused, incisive report on where an industry is heading. We then tie these data trends to relevant market trends, leading indicators, and our forecasts. This is an affordable way for trade associations to provide their members with a value-added and actionable service.


Diana Staples

Data Manager

Trade Association Data Management

  • What: Using compiled monthly revenue numbers and data from participating members, ITR Economics accurately forecasts where an industry is going in a concise optimization report.
  • For Whom: Trade Associations.
  • Key Benefits: Value-added service for trade associations gives members an accurate market forecast with highly customizable details and drill downs.


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