Krysten Theroux
Krysten Apostoles-Theroux
Executive Director Of Human Resources

Executive Director of Human Resources Krysten Apostoles-Theroux has been serving ITR Economics since 2017. Krysten was hired to help translate ITR Economics Core Values into a living culture, attract new talent, and devise programs to assist with employee retention.

Combining her background as a business owner and her education in human resources with her true passion for people and their fulfillment in the workplace, Krysten has instituted multiple employee-focused programs. Soon after she joined ITR Economics, an improvement in job satisfaction and work/life balance became evident across departments.

Krysten’s caring attitude and her counsel for everyone has contributed to a workplace culture in which all can thrive. Case in point is ITR Economics’ Corporate Learning Administration, a segment of Human Resources wholly dedicated to helping employees grow personally and professionally so they can meet their career goals.

Krysten’s accomplishments at ITR Economics include:

  • Building relationships with various recruiters
  • Designing and implementing a user-friendly HR platform through which both managers and employees can easily communicate and track goals
  • Implementing a detailed and highly efficient onboarding process that helps every new hire feel immediately “at home”
  • Establishing team-engagement activities, employee award programs, and countless documented policies that provide clear expectations for all roles

Through these accomplishments and others, she has helped build a team of employees who share a common goal and embody the ITR Economics Core Values. This is critical to ITR Economics’ corporate goals and the company’s long-term strategy for continued success.

Krysten’s value far exceeds her list of accomplishments. Her ongoing and rigorous search for the best personnel supports the company’s competitive advantages and preserves its reputation. Her dedication to excellence contributes to ITR Economics’ strong foundation and the sense of purpose and unity that enables the company to reach its short- and long-term goals.

Going into the future, it’s going to become more and more incumbent upon her to keep the culture in front of everybody, to keep the meaning of ITR there. It will be something she will readily and easily do because she lives it and loves it. She is our driving force. – Alan Beaulieu, President