ITR Advisor™

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A simple and essential monthly snapshot of ITR Economicstm view on the economy.

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The ITR Advisor is a simple, affordable, frequently updated way to keep up on ITR Economics' view of the economy.This is a monthly, 4-page snapshot on the state of the US and global economy that offers subscribers a quick glance overview of key indicators, overall business health, and immediate actions to take in response to unfolding news events.

Delivered as an easy-to-download PDF, the ITR Advisor looks at key indicators like Retail Sales, Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Interest Rates, Private Sector Jobs, and Capital Goods Orders. It comments on noteworthy developments beneath the headlines that business decision makers and investors need to know in order to act promptly and decisively on key data and shifting trends.

ITR Advisor™

  • What: A monthly 4-page snapshot of the current economy, using leading indicators to tell subscribers where the economy is headed and what actions to take now.
  • For Whom: Small company owners, investors, division managers, and executive decision makers
  • Key Benefits: Written in a conversational tone, not heavy economic-speak, the ITR Advisor is a simple, quick, timely, and affordable way to stay informed about the state of the economy, with useful guidance and clear action points. 

Annual Subscription Price: $199/year. To start your subscription, you can order online or contact us by phone (603.796.2500) or email (