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Thank you for participating in the HARDI monthly survey. As a benefit for participation, you will receive the results of the survey as published in the exclusive HARDI Monthly Sales TRENDS Report. The report will be sent to you around the end of the current month.

Please do not hesitate to call 603.796.2500 if you have any questions or concerns about the survey. You can also email Anne Sartorelli at anne@itreconomics.com.

Thank you for your participation!


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  • Discounts on Trendcast and Executive Vantage Point

  • Long-term strategic Company Sales Forecasting

  • Monthly & Quarterly Sales TRENDS Report (to participating members only)

  • Quarterly Webinars (to participating members only)

  • ITR Advisor

  • ITR Trends Report

  • Other consulting services to better guide your future

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