ITR Business Cycle Forecasting

To be first in forecasts for 60 years, you have to understand every subtlety of business cycles.

Alan Beaulieu
President and Principal

We study scores of economic indicators to make each call. ITR’s economists consider dozens of economic factors, leading indicators, world events and secondary data points to make our forecasts. We’ve compiled our 94.7% accuracy record by understanding key data that other forecasters ignore or undervalue and determining how they relate to particular businesses and industries.

Our forecasts look out 3 years. Our business cycle analysis can be further enhanced by quantitative forecasting of related market conditions, general economic indicators, and your company’s sales trend. Forecasts generally extend out three years and detail what revenues will look like for your company in the future and what changes need to be made to effectively change the outlook.

Jackie Beaulieu-Greene
Business Director - Europe, Middle East, Asia (EMEA)

Jonathan Murphy

Company-Specific Forecasts

  • What: We provide quantitative estimates of a company’s revenues on a quarter-by-quarter basis for a period of 3 years going forward. Forecasts are delivered as a table and a set of charts showing quarterly approximations in both percentage and actual dollar terms. A phone review is included.
  • For Whom: Business owners, senior-level leadership, and high-level managers
  • Key Benefits: Using revenue history and a company’s relationship to leading indicators, ITR Economics can forecast a company’s revenue stream with a high level of accuracy, providing exceptional decision-influencing insights. Forecasts include an explanatory conference call with the management team.

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Market-Specific Forecasts

  • What: Vital statistics and relevant data on more than 900 industries give decision makers a comprehensive view of market conditions three years out.
  • For Who: Business owners, and senior-level decision makers
  • Key Benefits: Excellent for inventory management, materials procurement, and contract bidding. An accurate market forecast can directly impact your bottom line.

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Forecasting options of particular value to our clients.

Company-Specific Forecasts

Get a clear picture of where your company is headed.

Analyzing your revenue history in conjunction with leading indicators, ITR Economics can forecast your company’s revenue stream with a high level of accuracy. External (politics) and internal (acquisitions) factors that might influence trend probabilities are considered along with the revenue history. The forecasts are delivered as a table and a set of charts showing the quarterly approximations of the 12/12 rate-of-change, the 3MMT (quarterly revenues) and the 12MMT (annual revenues).

An ITR analyst will contact you to learn about your company and discuss what data is needed for a company forecast. The analysis takes about four weeks from receipt of your company data. A teleconference to review the material with your management team follows.

Market-Specific Forecasts

Be prepared for the future with accurate revenue estimates for 3 years.

Very often, where your industry goes, so goes your business. That’s why ITR Economics is constantly compiling statistics and relevant data on more than 900 industries—from Paper Products to Metal Working Machinery, Information Technology to Electrical Equipment, and Wholesale Trade to the Medical Industry. We follow vital trends and fluctuating market conditions to give you a clearer picture of where your industry is headed and the prospects for your own company.

View a list of available industry forecasts from ITR.