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Featured People - Paige Brown

Marketing Associate

Paige Brown

Joined the ITR team in 2018

As ITR Economics’ Marketing Associate, Paige Brown performs a variety of roles for her team. Her creative responsibilities include designing graphics for ITR's website, social media, and videos and creating product collateral and landing pages. In addition, she creates and edits promotional videos, manages ITR’s blog and promotional emails, writes social media content, and produces our popular podcast, “TrendsTalk.”

Paige earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in advertising from Franklin Pierce University. Before joining ITR, she worked as a marketing specialist for a natural foods store, performed freelance web design, and was a social media and case manager for a law firm.

In her free time, Paige enjoys a multitude of hobbies, including reading, working on her science fiction novel, playing video games, and digital illustration.

“I am always amazed that a company with a worldwide clientele like ITR is comprised of a small-business, family-oriented group of employees,” Paige says. “From assistants to C-suite, everyone here is so friendly, and genuinely cares about your work life and your personal life. We have a great team, and I love being part of it.”

Fun facts about Paige:

  • Has several poems published in Z Publishing’s NH’s Best Emerging Poets of 2019
  • Runs a podcast with her friend where they discuss movies, books, and video games
  • Cat-mom to Pixel the Pixie-bob – a rambunctious 18-pound house cat that is part bobcat
Paige Brown


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