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Featured People - Krysten Apostoles-Theroux

Human Resources Manager

Krysten Apostoles-Theroux

Joined the ITR team in 2017

As Human Resources Manager, Krysten Apostoles-Theroux plays a vital role both internally and externally at ITR Economics. Her primary responsibilities involve working closely with team members through the interview process, performance reviews, and milestone anniversaries. Additionally, she handles employee benefits, helps coordinate company events, and more.

Before joining the ITR team, Krysten developed a diverse background in business. Through her experience, she has gained valuable knowledge of employee group benefits, recruiting, human resources, consulting, and small business ownership.

In her free time, Krysten enjoys traveling with her family to tropical and historic locations or spending weekends enjoying the coast.

“I truly appreciate the work-life balance provided by ITR,” Krysten says. “This is the first company I have worked for that is so accommodating to family needs outside of work. Being a health-first, family-first company, there isn’t any hesitation when I have an appointment, need to bring my child to the doctor, or if I want to leave early to attend my child’s school event.”

Krysten Apostoles-Theroux


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