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Featured People - Jacqueline Wilson

PowerPoint and Data Assistant

Jacqueline Wilson

Joined the ITR team in 2017

As PowerPoint and Data Assistant, Jacqueline plays a critical role on ITR Economics’ Data Team. Her responsibilities include preparing charts, maps, and tables for presentations and assisting in maintaining over 11,000 data series from various organizations. Having recently completed a course on SQL and Tableau, she also composes SQL queries to extract data used in Tableau visuals.

Jacqueline holds a bachelor’s degree in data processing and has earned her post-graduate teaching certificate. Before joining ITR, she worked in retail, education, and at one time even read newspapers for a living. During her seven years living in Japan, she taught English to Japanese businessmen. Her diverse experience also includes teaching floriculture to high school students, translating for trans-continental video conferences, and "refereeing" between engineering, quality control, and sales for a large computer company.

In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, traveling, and teaching scripture to high school students. She also is currently building a house with her husband – one board at a time!

Asked what she likes most about working at ITR Economics, Jacqueline said, “I love the people – the fact that everyone gets along and the kindness and respect that is the norm. I like the atmosphere and the ‘we are all in this together’ attitude.”

Fun facts about Jacqueline:

  • Hails from the UK
  • Lived in Japan for seven years
  • Did a solo parachute jump from 2,500 feet
  • Sneezes extremely loudly
Jacqueline Wilson


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