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Featured People - Heather Fortnam

Data and PowerPoint Specialist

Heather Fortnam

Joined the ITR team in 2014

Our Data and PowerPoint Specialist Heather Fortnam is a crucial member of ITR Economics’ Data Team. She is responsible for updating and maintaining our database as well as researching and adding new data. In addition, Heather creates PowerPoint presentations, using creative methods to display data.

Before joining the ITR team, Heather earned her associate’s degree in computer science and worked in a wide array of industries. She was employed in retail for many years and also worked for a telecommunications company, where she provisioned newly sold telephone lines and performed office managerial duties. Her further experience includes working in operations and marketing for a furniture manufacturer and performing marketing tasks for a manufacturer of printing presses and supplies.

Outside of work, Heather is a lover of television. Her favorite TV and movie genres include horror, mysteries, and thrillers. She also loves reading, sketching, and painting; horses and portraits are some of her favorite subjects. Beyond these hobbies, Heather also keeps busy with photography, photo manipulation, and taking care of her three feisty Bengal cats.

Asked what she likes most about working at ITR Economics, Heather answered, “My favorite thing about working at ITR is the group of people I get to work with. Everyone here is so smart, and I feel like I learn things all the time just from being around them. Everyone has a good sense of humor, and there always seems to be laughter around. I also enjoy the work I do. It can be very challenging at times, and I am usually so busy that my workdays fly by.”

Fun facts about Heather:

  • Reigning chili cook-off champion
  • Words With Friends aficionado
  • Enjoys anything on the water, such as boating and swimming
  • Makes a mean martini
Heather Fortnam


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