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Featured People - Erik Zygmont


Erik Zygmont

Joined the ITR team in 2018

As ITR Economics’ Proofer, Erik Zygmont plays a crucial role for many of our teams. He ensures that all written materials, including client deliverables, the ITR blogs, and miscellaneous copy, are clearly written with correct grammar and spelling. In addition to managing quality, Erik also works with other writers and proofers to unify ITR’s voice and maintain a consistent style.

Prior to joining the ITR team, Erik worked in a variety of industries. His experience includes time in construction, as well as journalism, writing, and teaching.

In his free time, Erik enjoys the outdoors, and can most often be found supporting his kids from the sidelines of soccer fields or bottom of ski hills. He also handles a lot of yard work and recently built a chicken coop.

When asked what he liked most about working at ITR, Erik answered, “I like the professional atmosphere and the general level of trust between managers and employees. People who work here are 'nice' in an almost old-fashioned way, and it's refreshing. Larger and smaller companies each have distinct plusses – ITR combines many of them. We also contribute in a meaningful way to the manufacturers and producers that form the backbone of the American economy.”

Fun facts about Erik:

  • Enjoys cooking
  • Collects hats
  • Really likes spicy food and frequently makes use of homegrown habaneros
Erik Zygmont


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