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Featured People - Connor Lokar

Economist and Speaker

Connor Lokar

Joined the ITR team in 2014

As an Economist and Speaker at ITR Economics, Connor Lokar plays a crucial role on our team of experts. His responsibilities are largely outward-facing; he serves as a conduit through which consulting clients and keynote attendees alike receive ITR’s accurate insights. Connor strives to inform his audience not only of what is happening now, but also of what is coming next and what preparations should be considered. When not on the road or presenting virtually, Connor is integral to the forecasting process. His proofing duties serve to confirm the accuracy and veracity of our forecasts before publication.

Connor graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics and promptly joined the ITR team. Outside of work, he is an outdoorsman, partaking in hunting, fishing, kayaking, skiing, and more.

“I love data,” Connor says. “The awesome amount of data we have available to us at ITR and the tools with which we can analyze it are amazing. I love having a constant and firm grasp on what the US and global economy is doing. Most of our time is spent on our clients, but now and then we find some time to pursue our own curiosities. I am not sure what I would do if I wasn’t constantly plugged into the economic world.”

Fun facts:

  • He loves to cook: “The food aspect is a huge reason why I go into the wild hunting and fishing. There is something special and rare these days about going into nature and harvesting your own meal and preparing it that night. It’s the ultimate ‘shopping local.’”


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