ITR Insider™

Values Provided

  • Unbiased take on current events
  • Clear, concise overview of economic activity
  • 60-minute presentations on the most relevant topics
  • Up-to-date information on the key leading indicators
  • Three-year U.S. economic forecast you can trust
  • Easy access: anytime, anywhere
  • Archived materials
  • One low monthly cost

ITR Insider™ empowers our subscribers with the most accurate economic data, enabling them to mitigate upcoming risk and make profitable decisions for their companies. Your Insider subscription includes the ITR Advisor™, monthly Leading Indicator updates, our three-year US Economic Outlook Dashboard, and our topical webinars – all for a low monthly cost!

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ITR Trends Report™

Values Provided

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Identify markets for growth
  • Support your internal forecasting
  • Prepare for coming economic changes

The ITR Economics' Trends Report™ provides the economic forecasts, insights, and strategy to give your business the edge. This industry-leading monthly forecasting publication includes four comprehensive modules covering the complete spectrum of today’s US and world economies. Subscriptions include all four modules for one low annual price.

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Timing Model™


  • 12- to 18-month outlook including the timing of your company’s next growth-rate high and next growth-rate low
  • Customized charts showing your current position in the economy
  • Your top five to seven Leading Indicators specific to your data
  • Complimentary ITR Trends Report™ monthly subscription, which includes in-depth market analysis and forecasts
  • Corresponding Leading Indicator forecasts from the Trends Report compared with your sales

Timing Model, a reliable 12- to 18-month qualitative sales outlook produced specifically for your company, will help you develop a dependable sales forecast to assist in your business planning.

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Market-Specific Forecasting


Values Provided

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Identify markets of growth opportunity
  • Determine whether you are keeping pace with your market
  • Prepare for coming turns in your industry

"Economic forecasts can scare the dickens out of entrepreneurs, but you graciously provided an economic road map that makes the future a little less scary or at least, a little more predictable." -George De Marco, ESX Chairman

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Company-Specific Forecasting


Values Provided

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Benchmark your success
  • Know when to hire
  • Know when to build inventory
  • Be ready for coming turns in your business cycle

"Congrats to the whole ITR Economics’ team! Made my company millions with your advice!" @BigBiffFan via Twitter

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