Frequently Asked Questions

Fast answers to the what, how and who’s of ITR’s economic forecasting.

We booked a keynote presenter last year for an economic conference who lost our audience with a lot of technical language. Is it too much to expect a talk to be interesting, understandable and entertaining?

Not at all! We do it 275 times a year. We speak the language of business and provide the ability to rationally see into the future. Plan to and profit. That’s what we offer.

Researching online, I’ve found a number of reputable economic trends forecasters. What makes ITR’s approach and analysis any different?

There are many reasons. Here are six:
1) Accuracy — we have a 94.7% forecast accuracy rate since we started tracking this statistic in 1985. Does the firm you are considering share their track record?
2) We are independent. Not beholding to any political ideology and only trying to show you the way to a more profitable future.
3) We master the art of forecasting, we don't just input your numbers into a formula.
4) Our only objective is getting the forecast right, whether it is for rise or decline.
5) We consult with decision makers to understand their needs and what economic factors matter to them most.
6) We’ve been doing this for a very long time. Our methodology has been tested and refined for over almost 70 years.

You claim 94.7% accuracy in your economic forecasts. That’s an impressive number, but how can I trust that it will continue in this ever changing and tough economy?

1) We are constantly evaluating what indicators and statistical inputs are working best.
2) We utilize our extensive knowledge of business cycles and approach every analysis knowing that no two cycles are ever exactly the same.
3) We put business cycle activity into the larger context of secular trends, giving us greater predictive accuracy.
4) We know demographics, consumer behavior, and global trends are an incredibly important part of the forecasting effort to be successful.

I receive the ITR Trends Report™ monthly and it’s been valuable, but my business is so reliant on short-term indicators, I’m looking for weekly, even daily updates. Can ITR help me?

Following daily or weekly data is an inherently difficult way to discern a trend and therefore hard to take advantage of with any reliability. We encourage you to keep an eye on the daily material but use monthly data to determine the trend by which you gauge the daily volatility — and which you ultimately use to take action. However, if you absolutely must use daily or weekly data, we can teach you some statistically relevant techniques that might help you in your overall decision-making strategies.

I subscribed once to an online trends newsletter only to discover the forecasting firm had a parent company with a very definite political agenda. Who owns you?

ITR Economics is privately owned. We are independent thinkers with an innate desire to remain autonomous. We are answerable only to our clients.

Does ITR do global forecasting?

ITR has a comprehensive global database and the experience and talent to make accurate forecasts for countries and markets worldwide.

My markets cover the world or at least all of North America or Europe or Asia. Can you help me see the future of my markets?

Yes, we can! Our Weighted Market Index is a program we developed to enable our clients to see where their market in total is heading, what turns are ahead, and how they are performing relative to the market.

My industry is covered in ITR Trends Report, so I have a good idea of what’s coming for us. But how can I get a more detailed analysis of where MY company’s sales are heading?

We provide company-specific forecasts that take into consideration not only macroeconomic trend probabilities, but how your company relates to these general economic changes and how your specific markets will trend as we move into the future. We design the program to fit your needs and your budget!

How far into the future can you help us gain visibility?

One to three years is a typical outlook. However, we can go out 5, 10, and 15 years if the need arises.

What are the Management Objectives™ from ITR Economics that I heard about? Can you help me know when its time to expand or become conservative?

We developed a comprehensive list of management action items and tactical issue management lists broken down by phase of the business cycle. This list is an ongoing project developed in conjunction with our clients over many business cycles. It comes down to doing the right thing at the right time.

I am thinking about buying a company. Can you help?

We are called in to provide an independent forecast of a company’s business cycle and growth probabilities as part of the due diligence process. We look at the company, its industry, and its current markets.

Will ITR Economics be around after the Beaulieu Brothers?

You bet it will! We have amazingly bright, talented leaders, economists, analysts, and speakers that will ensure the company and its abilities are around to serve the needs of business for the indefinite future. We know how to make this happen. We’ve been around since 1938!

I am unable to view the ITR Insider Reports while using Internet Explorer. Can you please help?

Yes we can! If you can not view the reports while in Internet Explorer it means your Adobe Reader need to be updated. We have provided you with a link to the Adobe Reader download page: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html