Economic Consulting / Business Analysis / Revenue Forecasting / Management Training

A consulting relationship with ITR Economics gives you access to a potent arsenal of analytical tools.

Our in-depth analysis offers a blueprint for your future success. As a full-function economic consulting firm, ITR has advised many of America’s leading companies. An astute understanding of business cycles enables ITR to provide our consulting clients with clearly communicated, prescient guidance so they can act decisively, before the competition.

Remain profitable regardless of cyclical circumstances In a consulting capacity, ITR’s economists analyze the macroeconomic conditions of the world’s industrialized nations, specific markets, and individual companies. We then furnish company-specific, short and long-range reports that can help shape a proactive, preemptive action plan for the future. Our industry forecasts have been so accurate for so long that several ITR clients have maintained consulting relationships for 25 years and more.

Sixty years of unerring guidance for our clients. Working together, we can make your company stronger and healthier. Our tailored consulting contracts range from quarterly reports to forecasts and weighted market indexes specific to your company. Reports prepared by ITR enable our clients to effectively plan and control capital expenditures, inventories, human resources, and production capabilities.


We offer several contract options:

From inexpensive, company specific analyses to in-depth, long-term consulting contracts, ITR Economics understanding of business cycles and longer-term trends enables us to provide a wide range of consulting guidance so our clients can act with confidence when critical moves are necessary. Here are just four of our most requested consulting services:

Quarterly Reports and Analysis

  • What: A robust, customized quarterly report that looks at future trends for a variety of industries, forecasts a company’s prospects for three years based on business cycle analysis, and compares the two.
  • For Whom: Business owners, senior-level leadership, and executive decision-makers
  • Key Benefits: These reports allow you to know exactly where your markets are now and what growth rates to expect for the next couple of years.  In addition you can get a three year forecast of your business revenues based on ITR’s business cycle methodology and unlimited phone follow-up with ITR analysts.

Management Presentations

  • What: Presentations include an on-site presentation (or teleconference) by a leading ITR economist to a company’s management team with results of our economic analysis and recommended Phase Management Objectives. Presentations last from two hours up to a full day.
  • For Whom: Business owners, board-of-directors, senior managers, sales representatives, and managers
  • Key Benefits: An opportunity to speak one-on-one with an ITR business cycle analyst, get actionable management objectives based on company analysis, and ask specific questions about a company’s prospects going forward

Custom Market Index

  • What:  Detailed report based on indexes created with your input based on your markets and the weight they carry for your bottom line. Allows you to see your company’s performance relative to external market changes.
  • For Whom: Business owners, senior-level leadership, and regional and divisional managers
  • Key Benefits: An effective way to measure your company’s performance relative to industry and market trends, and determine which markets require capital expenditures or cutbacks

Case-by-Case Contracts

  • What: Completely customized analyses based on your need: ie. extensive analysis of a particular industry, comparison of vertical markets, review of a company that may be acquired, regional economic view for industries operating overseas or domestically, etc.
  • For Whom: Business owners, senior-level leadership, and executive decision makers.
  • Key Benefits: Reliable, company-specific economic analyses drill down for vital and timely data, dramatically increasing decision-making certainty.

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