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Interact live with our economists via the Internet.

Affordable. Insightful. Interactive.

What is the immediate outlook for your business or association? How will future economic trends impact your bottom line? What actions could you take right now to limit risk and maximize revenue?

During one hour, live presentations over the Internet, our knowledgeable analysts will give you an extensive understanding of critical business cycles and answer your specific questions related to current Management Objectives. You’ll also come away with clear strategies for putting ITR’s expertise in trend forecasting to work for your company today.

If you can’t attend an ITR presentation in person, webinars are an affordable way to expose your key decision makers—in an interactive forum at your convenience—to the unique and relevant insights of a top ITR economist.

To schedule an ITR Webinar call Tosha at 603.796.2500 or email tterry@itreconomics.com.


  • What: Webinars provide affordable, 60-minute presentations by senior ITR economists via webcast, offering up-to-the minute overview of the economy, industry trends or a company’s future direction.
  • For Whom: Trade associations, boards of directors, business owners, senior-level executives, and managers
  • Key Benefits: Utilize affordable, immediate contact with a top ITR economist. Email questions or ask questions live. Webinars are ideal for audiences as small as a few key executives up to 800 employees/members.